De Senro 2D trommel screen

is characterised by:

  • Suitable for many application purposes
  • Customer and process-specific shape and size of screen perforation
  • Option of exchangeable screening plates
  • Easy and safe access to the inside of the trommel for inspection and cleaning
  • Virtually vibration-free thanks to turned running surfaces
  • Minimal oscillation of the trommel (circumference accuracy < 3mm)
  • Ability to screen multiple fraction sizes

2D drum screen

A trommel screen is often used as a first step in the separation process of a sorting system. A drum screen separates the material flow to be processed based on size. The fraction to be screened disappears through the perforation of the trommel, while the oversize fraction is discharged to the end of the drum.

Senro trommel screen basically consists of a support frame, four carrying wheels, a drum, discharge funnels, and a housing with facilities for inspection and cleaning.

Senro develops and produces trommel screens for a wide range of applications. Each trommel screen is always designed specifically for the customer by our in-house engineering department, making it perfectly suited for the desired sorting and capacity.

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