a Senro dosing bunker

is characterised by:

  • Constructive support
  • Funnel shape to ensure effective guidance
  • Easy loading with forklift or shovel
  • Adjustable conveyor belt frequency
  • Option of tailor-made dosing roller(s)

Dosing bunker

To prevent irregular operation, disruptions or congestion, a dosed and continuous product flow is crucial for the supply to a complete sorting line. Senro B.V. has developed a dosing bunker specifically for this issue. The dosing bunker guarantees a dosed product flow to the sorting line. Depending on the product to be processed, Senro B.V. builds custom-made dosing bunkers, perfectly suited to match your material flow.

The correct sizing of a dosing bunker is vital to the correct operation of the sorting line behind it. Senro B.V. designs and produces its machines customer-specifically, in accordance with the applicable guidelines and safety requirements.

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