a Senro drum washer

is characterised by:

  • Various lengths and diameters available
  • Inlet in the form of a flush channel
  • Adjustable drum speed
  • Adjustable volume of washing water, reuse optional (after water purification)
  • Extra sturdy drum with screw ribbon for transporting the material
  • Standard version in 304 stainless steel

Drum washers

The dirty fraction, for example synthetic foils, is washed clean with the aid of a drum washer. The principle is relatively simple, yet very effective.

The material is fed into the washing drum through an inlet channel. In this rotating washing drum, water is added to the material. Due to the friction of the materials between them and the rotation of the drum, the material washes itself, as it were. The wastewater containing the pollution is discharged through the perforation in the drum wall.

Usually, purification of the process water is part of the assignment, so that the process water can be reused.

Senro B.V. develops and produces drum washers for a wide variety of applications. Each drum washer is always designed specifically for the customer by our in-house engineering department, making it perfectly suited for the desired materials and capacity.

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