Float-sink separator

A float-sink separator allows you to separate fractions differing in specific mass.

In a water basin, the heavy and light fractions are separated on the basis of difference in buoyancy. The heavy fractions (stone, concrete, rubble, etc.) sink, are collected at the bottom of the container and are removed by means of a conveyor.

The light fractions (wood, plastics, etc.) are transported to a dewatering screw and discharged in this way.

Senro B.V. develops and produces stainless steel float-sink separators for processing plastics. Each float-sink separator is always designed specifically for the customer by our in-house engineering department, making it perfectly suited for the desired sorting and capacity, with run-off to the right, left, forward or backward.

a SENRO float-sink separator

is characterised by:

  • Version as a pre-separator (for e.g. protection of the grinding mill) or as separation of floating/sinking plastics
  • Various versions available, for 2D (foils) and 3D materials
  • Discharge of settled fraction by means of chain conveyor or screw conveyor
  • Adjustable speed of agitator and paddles
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Standard version in 304 stainless steel



Stiphout, The Netherlands
Kunststof Recycling Nederland, Nederland

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