a Senro sorting cabin

is characterised by:

  • Wide range of applications
  • Favourable working conditions for manual sorting
  • Industrial and robust
  • High capacity
  • Flexible design


Van Werven, Poland
Renewi Brugge, Belgium
Renewi Smink, The Netherlands
Amacro, Belgium

Sorting cabin

Manual waste sorting involves a well-lit sorting belt, in a sorting cabin with fresh air supply. An ergonomically sound workplace at the sorting belt makes it possible to work in a neutral posture and allows for variation in body position.

Senro B.V. sorting cabins therefore aim to provide a pleasant, protected environment for employees working on the conveyor belt to sort the waste. The sorting cabin is usually elevated, on a support frame or on the steel or concrete dumping bays.

The dimensions and construction method of a sorting cabin are very flexible and are designed based on the customer’s wishes. For example, you can opt for a structure of containers or an insulated structure with sandwich panels or for just a platform with ducts.

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