Contributing to a circular living environment… that’s what it’s all about at Senro

To this end, we design and manufacture sorting systems and machines for the recycling industry and related sectors, with the joint expertise of our team and customers.

Together we sort it!

In doing so, we continuously respond to the ever-changing wishes and requirements from the market and regulations with regard to the recovery of raw materials. We are highly ambitious in this and do not shy away from product-technical challenges.

We design every sorting system entirely to the specifications of the customer. Intended capacity, input material, desired output, degree of automation, separation efficiency and available space and budget all play an important role in this. If so required, we can also adapt or expand existing systems and you can of course also contact us for sub-machines for separate delivery.

When implementing our projects, we rely on our own engineering team with extensive experience in sorting techniques and processes. In addition, we have modern production facilities, which means that we can produce and assemble practically everything in-house. This allows us to offer maximum flexibility, whilst guaranteeing robust quality and reliable delivery times. Self-evidently, we supply our products in full compliance with the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

We are a driven and professional team, committed, resourceful and solution-oriented in our approach. In our industry, we are known for our no-nonsense mentality and our result-oriented and cost-conscious working method.

We’re happy to assist you!