Sorting line for recycling of non ferrous metals, Riwald, the Netherlands

Dosing system PET bottles for Kuehne & Nagel, Tilburg
24 April 2018
Compost sorting system, Olde Bolhaar Germany
24 April 2018

Riwald is a steady customer of Senro considering recycling of metals.
In September 2014 Riwald ordered Senro to design and manufacture a sorting line to separate all non ferrous parts from a certain waste stream after shreddering. Not only Aluminium and copper should be sorted out but also stainless steel particles. We designed and manufactured an induction separator that can detect Non Ferrous particles of 1 mm and sort them out. Also a dosing hopper together with a conveyor belt and vibrating table were delivered.


4 tons/hr

Delivery date




Metal scrap