Sorting line industrial waste, Eindhoven

Sorting line for municipal solid waste Telsiai, Lithuania
23 April 2018
Sorting line Construction & Demolition Waste, Stallaert Belgium
23 April 2018

Senro has been approached by a large waste collector from Eindhoven to design and build a fully automatic sorting line. The installation must sort the most valuable and polluting materials without the need for manpower. Together with the customer, the best solution and tailor-made solutions were looked into. The installation consists of the main components: drum sieve, 3x windshifters, 7x NIR separators, a flat sieve, 2x shredders and a post-shredder, 2x Eddy Current separators and 2x overband magnets. A double feed system has also been supplied for a baler with which pressed bales are made from the sorted materials.


40 ton per uur

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Industrial waste